Establishment and functioning of "Teletech" Ltd.

"Teletech" Ltd. was founded in 1991 and consists of four partners, specialists in radio and communication equipment. At this stage for the company work twelve radio equipment specialists, programmers, production coordinators, engineers, technicians and others. At their disposal are modern measuring and radio installations for development and production activities. "Teletech" is specialized in design of modern base equipment for security through radio channel, telephone lines and GSM networks. The specialists have extensive experience in the field of radio communications and development of specialized equipment for data transmission for industrial and security systems.

Main activities of "Teletech" Ltd.

The main activities of the company are development, implementation, production, sales, installation and maintenance of highly technological central facilities for security, radio security and GSM equipment, communicational equipment, security equipment and other. There is constant pursuit for continuous development and use of latest technologies in creating products. This results in the fact that the company occupies one of the top positions in the security market, because its main goal is to achieve high quality and reliability of production.

Company references

For the past several years company "Teletech" Ltd. has strengthen its positions on the Bulgarian market as a major producer and supplier of high quality and reliable security equipment and serious partner in solving technical problems. That is the reason why many customers relied on us for designing and building their security systems on national and regional level:

• "ASO Pireli" Ltd.;
• "Arcus Security";
• "BODU" Ltd.;
• "Alpha 2000";
• "TIM" Ltd.;
• "Security Holding";
• "MOEW";
• "SDP";
• "RDVR-Pleven";
• "Agida";
• and more.

Company "Teletech" is a manufacturer of a new generation central security equipment based on DSP signal processors, enabling multi-channel operation in systems with over 5000 sites. In our production list are security transmitters, supporting 12 of the currently used security protocols and systems for specialized receiving systems for diverse receiving and measuring the parameters of signals in real time. The company maintains digital identification systems in more than 24 taxi companies in the country and systems for data transmittion in real time for The Ministry of Environment and Water, Water supply and Sewerage, Ministry of Defence.